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SMS Marketing Automation

Add SMS marketing to your multi-channel marketing strategy


Create automated SMS campaigns inside your marketing automation platform


Get up to 100,000 SMS for free

Become a GetResponse MAX customer now and take advantage of this limited time promotion.

Sign a 12 or 24-months contract, and you will credit your account with up to 100,000 SMS. You'll be able to use it to run SMS campaigns for the duration of the contract.

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Get up to 100,000 SMS for free

  • Send SMS messages automatically based on selected conditions, user behaviour or contact information

  • Thanks to Time Travel and Perfect Timing features you can plan your campaigns so that SMS arrive at your recipients phones at the best possible time

  • Send messages to existing lists and segments or to an imported database of numbers (without linked email addresses)

  • Personalize the sender name and SMS content to make your texts stand out and increase their open and click rates

  • Save characters by shortening links directly in SMS creator to direct recipients straight to their destination

  • Stay fully compliant with GDPR by adding a short unsubscribe link with just one click

  • Measure the effectiveness of your campaign by checking the number of sent and delivered SMS messages along with link clicks

  • Have full control over the costs while creating your SMS and when checking the reports summarising your campaign costs

  • Save time and resources by creating omnichannel marketing campaigns in a single tool - GetResponse MAX platform

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You can reach your entire audience in a matter of minutes thanks to an intuitive text message creator in GetResponse MAX.

SMS campaigns are the fastest way to communicate with customers effectively. SMS messages allow creating a quick call to action, such as reminders about expiring promos, birthday wishes or information about important changes.

Make complex workflows with SMS Marketing and Marketing Automation

With GetResponse MAX you can maximize the potential of SMS messages by adding text messages to automation scenarios. You don't need extra tools or services to do it. Connect all actions quickly and conveniently by creating rich and automated marketing campaigns.

Save time and enjoy immediate results of SMS campaigns

You can increase engagement and conversion in marketing campaigns. Most of the time SMS messages are being read within first 5 minutes from sending them** - the results of your campaigns will be visible straightaway!

Start using SMS Marketing for free with GetResponse MAX

All of the most effective ways of reaching your customers are now within arm's reach in one GetResponse MAX account. That allows you to create complex campaigns and advanced workflows while saving time and resources.

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