• Data Science Central

How Data Science Central Achieves
a Unique Open Rate of Up to 40% with GetResponse


  • Open rates below 12%
  • High bounce rate
  • Slow growth
    of the subscriber list


  • Open rates increase up to 40%
  • 2500 new contacts monthly
  • Deliverability 99.6%

Data Science Central is a digital media company that operates a fast-growing internet community for data science experts. They not only target top-level business executives but also operate in a niche.

They know all about the challenges of email marketing in the B2B market. In fact, their prior experience with a popular email marketing provider resulted in decreasing email open rates and a shrinking contact list.

How did they overcome these challenges?
They switched to GetResponse. Here’s why.

Highest deliverability rate in the industry

For the Data Science Central team, email deliverability was a deal breaker. They had encountered numerous issues that affected campaign performance.

”Our previous provider marked almost 10,000 contacts as bounced. We managed to recover them with the GetResponse platform, thanks to the warm-up process,” says Vincent Granville, Executive Data Scientist and co-founder. The performance is much better now than with all the previous vendors. Not a single incident or failure so far. No drop in performance after many months.”

In fact, since the company imported their contacts to GetResponse, the average bounce rate is only 0.4%. This means that 99.6% of emails get through to the inbox. Such an outstanding result was possible thanks to a dedicated IP address and a thoroughly prepared warm-up process that protects their email reputation and helps save thousands of contacts from going to waste.

deliverability 99.6%

40% open rate

Increase in open rates

Another problem that led the company to switch to GetResponse was decreasing newsletter engagement.

”Our open rate with the previous provider was going down very slowly, but had reached a low point like 12%,” says Vincent. ” In addition, failures occurred once a month. For example, the Gmail open rate was below 8%.”

After switching to GetResponse, with the help of a Dedicated Customer Experience Engineer, Data Science Central rebounded. They used A/B Testing and analyzed their emails for peak performance. The team also experiments with their newsletter design, using the built-in HTML editor for full control over the code and clean, simple design. As a result, they achieve up to a 40% unique open rate, sending emails from 3 to 7 times per week!

Lead generation machine for enterprise

Finally, one of the key issues with the previous email marketing provider was that the growth of the contact list was much too slow. Indeed, targeting high-level executives in the big-data industry can be challenging. To address that issue, the company used simple web forms, collecting only basic information such as name, email, and job title.

”Our contact list is growing faster with GetResponse for various reasons: the subscription rate has increased; poor advertisers have been replaced by better ones, generating higher open and CTR; and also due to the platform itself,” says Vincent. ”It’s possible that fewer subscribers are marked as bounced with GetResponse, and so we’re growing faster, yet without hurting open and click rates.”

The results? Data Science Central adds an average of 2500 new subscribers each month, while their contact list has reached 140,000 emails and still counting!

+2500 subscribers monthly

Winner takes it all

Data Science Central proves that email marketing is a powerful tool, even in the
B2B market. With GetResponse, they have reclaimed their contacts, improved newsletter deliverability and open rates, and continually grow their subscriber list with minimum effort and maximum success.

Inspired? See what GetResponse can do for your business!